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Shirley and Will

honeymoon couple photo shoot, photographer in venice

My husband and I booked with Eva for our Honeymoon pictures while in Venice. She is great to work with, very accommodating and so patient in making sure the background and setting was just right. Our pictures came out amazing and I'm so glad I booked with her!

Shirley and Will, USA

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Full example of two hours shoot in Venice – 70 stunning photos: Evenet and Rafael

Engagement shoot in Venice
Hi, guys!
If you visit my website it means you are looking for a photographer in Venice. 😉
Great! I believe you have already looked through some portfolios and of course, you are very inspired. Venice is a really beautiful city and everyone can take a few great pics and show it in a portfolio. However, I believe if you buy a PACKAGE you should get not a few cool pics but ALL. Continue Reading

Ashley and Adam

love story shooting in venice

Eva was beyond amazing. My boyfriend and I did a morning shoot with her in July 2017. I highly recommend Eva. She was super fun to work with, had great ideas for different poses and truly captured our love in the Romantic city of Venice. The turn around time to receive the photos was unreal. During her busy season, it may take a little longer to have the finished pictures sent to you and she got them to us a record time! I highly recommend shooting with Eva if you are in the area! This was such an amazing experience and we will have the most beautiful pictures to remember forever! 🙂

Ashley and Adam, Canada

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Mirna and John

burano photo shoot

Eva is amazing, she did a wonderful job for my wife and me for our 1st anniversary trip to Venice. She's kind and fun and we can tell not only does she take pride in her work while she was taking our photos, but the end result was perfection. If you want to have a lasting memory of a wonderful trip to Venice look no further than Eva, if we could get her for every event in our life we would.

Mirna and John, USA, New York

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Randy and Elona

Venice engagement photographer

Wonderful experience with Eva! The locations, the communication and directive she gave us, her ideas, all brought out the very best of our photoshoot. I for one am NOT photogenic, so when the files came in, I was totally amazed and super happy to see that she had guided us into so many beautiful photographs.

And posing for a picture is not as simple as one would think. Managing the sunlight, the angles, timing of the tourists walking through or by, sometimes pushing the envelope on behalf of her client to make sure they get their shot - so much goes into setting the stage for these great shots - her skill goes far beyond the camera and production. I have to say that's the part of hiring a fantastic photographer we never really think about. But it's a must to find that right person.

So, I must boast, that was two flawless decisions I made to begin my life with Elona. First proposing to her in Venice. And second, hiring Eva to secure our romantic Venice engagement through her beautiful photography. Thanks Eva!

Randy and Elona, USA, Michigan

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Sabina and Nurzhan

lovestory in venice, фотограф в венеции

Ева, мы с Нуржаном хотим поблагодарить вас за профессионализм, чудесное настроение, незабываемые впечатления и конечно оперативность!!! Вы очень легкий, открытый, дружелюбный человек, желаем вам хороших клиентов и успехов! Спасибо за прекрасные фотографии! Мы несколько дней рассматриваем их, делимся с родными и близкими-все просто в восторге!!!! Хочется пересматривать снова и снова:)))и даже не знаю какие именно выбрать для фоторамок, потому что каждая-шедевр и всё благодаря вам! Спасибо!

Sabina and Nurzhan, Kazakhstan, Astana

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Kate and Brad

We are beyond ecstatic with how beautiful our pictures are taken by Eva in Venice, Italy!! We are so happy we decided to hire Eva after considering many photographers. Eva was fun to work with, made us feel beautiful, and edited and sent our photos to us quickly!
Eva, we can't thank you enough!! We will forever cherish our photos!

Kate and Brad, USA, Florida

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Mike and Heidi

During our trip to Europe, my wife and I talked several times about our favorite experiences there, and our photo shoot with Eva was always mentioned as a top highlight. Eva's photography is wonderfully talented, and she is also personable and professional and was fun to get to know. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting memorable photos of their experience in Venice. We will enjoy ours for many years!

Mike and Heidi, USA, Salt Lake City

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Elena and Valerij

Ева! Огрооооомное тебе спасибо за море эмоций, которые я вновь испытала, просмотрев фото! Хочу отметить, что мой новоиспеченный муж – не очень большой любитель фотографироваться. И даже он после съемки сказал, что не заметил, как пролетело время! Ева не только смогла создать необходимую атмосферу, ну и просто максимально эффективно использовала временя съемки, которым мы располагали! Разнообразные ракурсы, постоянная смена «декораций». Так как мы были в Венеции в августе и заказывали дневную съемку, иногда приходилось просто «продираться» сквозь толпы туристов, но на фотографиях, о чудо!, всё хорошо! – ничего (никого) лишнего! =))) Фотограф прислушивалась к нашим пожеланиям, предлагала выбор (кстати, Ева прекрасно ориентируется в Венеции), не настаивала, но, в то же время, очень активно руководила процессом! Кстати, фото пришли меньше, чем через месяц с даты съемки – это раньше, чем я ожидала по самым оптимистичным прогнозам! =) Мы остались очень довольны тем, что воспользовались услугами именно этого фотографа. Ева, успехов тебе, развития и много-много клиентов! Ещё раз, спасибо!!!

Elena and Valerij, Russia, Moscow

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Valerie and Jakie

photographer in venice

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in Venice. Eva made it extra special by documenting our experience through photographs. She's very talented and knows how to capture the essence of the beautiful city. Thank you!

Valerie and Jakie, Texas, USA

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