Vow renewal ceremony in Venice. | Photographer in Venice.

photographer in venice, фотограф в венеции,

The last time I wrote about the creative couple from New York who arrange a photo shoot in different cities around the world on their wedding anniversary. Today I’ll tell and show you how the couple from the UK celebrated their pearl wedding.

A photo shoot in Venice is very romantic, and Andrew and Tracy made a memorable celebration of 30-anniversary, to be exact – vow renewal. For this purpose they rented a Venetian palazzo on the Grand Canal, where their symbolic ceremony was held in the grand hall.
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Ideas to celebrate a wedding anniversary. | Photographer in Venice.

photographer in venice, фотограф в венеции

A photographer in Venice is needed not only for a wedding or honeymoon, but also for a beautiful photo session on the day of your anniversary. Let’s look at a young married couple from New York who celebrate their wedding anniversary during travels: the first in Paris and the second in Venice. Hopeless romantics! 🙂

Aaron and Deva are a beautiful and energetic couple. They were prepared for shooting very well – had not only two set of dresses but also a personalised family prop – the wooden sign with their wedding’s date. In my opinion, this is a great idea to turn the celebration of an anniversary in a family tradition. Let’s look at some ideas to celebrate a wedding anniversary.
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How to prepare for a photo shoot in Venice: recomendations and examples | Photographer in Italy

photographer in venice, фотограф в венеции
Venice is a very picturesque place! Sometimes I think that it was built specially for artists, poets and photographers. However during photo shoot in Venice I firstly take photos of people, that are yours! And your appearance will be more important for you than bridges, canals and gondoliers in the background. So your preparation for shooting is a key to a successful photo session. I would like to tell you about one couple who has very responsible attitude to these preparations.

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Wedding in Venice, palazzo Cavalli

wedding in Venice, свадьба в Венеции, photographer in venice

What do people usually do at New Year’s Eve? Preparing for the holiday? Perhaps most people do so. However, some lucky ones have a wedding in Venice, and someone takes photos of them! 😉 It was not a symbolic wedding, but the real one. Italian laws allow to officially register the marriage of foreign citizens.
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