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Honeymoon photo shoot in Venice: Yuri and Sina

By August 14, 2019December 1st, 2021No Comments

Today people have so crazy busy lives that usually honeymoon takes a week. And often newlyweds have to put off their honey week until vacation. But sometimes it has some advantages. Yuri and China from Tokio had a double occasion for a romantic vacation with a photo shoot in Venice – honeymoon, and babymoon!

It was the beginning of October when the weather in Venice can be nonstable. However, usually it’s still warm and even in case of rain. The weather forecast was rainy but the couple and I decided to adhere to the agreed plan and to hold the photo shoot in the early morning. And it was a good decision. The rain was very easy and didn’t disturb our shooting. Yuri and China literally danced and laughed in the rain. Their love was a great light source for this romantic babymoon photo shoot. And of course, Venice views and the right color correction gave the beautiful result. Look it up for yourself 😉

Eva is an amazing/kind person and a professional photographer !! Very efficient, on-time manner and super confirmable taking photos by her instruction! We really really appreciate of your amazing photos!

Yuri and Sina, Japan, Tokyo

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