Morning photo session in Venice: Mary and Eugine

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Mary and Eugine are a young family from Singapore. The couple very likes traveling and have already visited a lot of European countries. And of course, they didn’t forget to hold a photo session in the most romantic city – Venice. Moreover, they wished to have shooting not only in Venice but also on the island of Burano. Today I will tell you about the first part of the session which we hold in the central part of Venice in the early morning.

It is well-known fact that Venice is crowded at the high season. Of course, an experienced photographer knows many picturesque places outside the tourist trails, but such momentous places in Venice as the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco, you can find empty only at the early morning. Besides do not forget that the high season is the summer time and sometimes it is very hot, so morning photo session in Venice has additional advantages such as soft light and comfortable temperature. Especially pay attention to it if you are planning a hold a photo session in a long wedding dress in the summer. Corset and long skirt are very pretty, but they will be heavy burden in the heat, what will be noticeable on photos.

It should be mentioned that there are not only advantages but also disadvantages. The best time for a morning session is till 9:30, it depends of the season. However gondoliers start work only from 9:30 a.m. It would be a pity to miss the opportunity to ride on a gondola and make wonderful photos of the Grand Canal. Actually, I can offer two solutions of this problem. The first one is when you hire a gondola at the end of a two-hour-session it allows to take some pics of you in a boat from the land and bridges. The second is when you book three hours of shooting instead of two. In this case I will be able to take pics not only from land but from the inside boat during a beautiful part of a gondola ride across the Grand Canal.

So you should make a choice based on your own desires and opportunities, and I as your photographer in Venice, prompt you how to organize everything optimally. Send me your inquiry today!

Eva is very prompt in her communication and she shoots her pictures efficiently and beautifully! Love how she can capture our moments together. She is also prompt in retouching the photos. Excellent value; highly recommended! Thanks, Eva!

Mary and Eugine, Singapore

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