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7 Tips for planning a surprise proposal in Venice, Italy: Lionel and Misou

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Marriage proposal in Venice

Hand and heart, mind and soul, the decision and the feeling! The marriage proposal is a turning point of romantic relationships of men and women. That is why many couples want to remember this important moment. The proposal is an intimate and very romantic mystery of the two lovers, which, as a rule, does not require the presence of relatives and friends. So often men decide to pop the question during a trip to a picturesque corner of our planet. And of course, most people opt for Venice – the city of love – the perfect place to propose.

It’s true you can ask: “Will you marry me?” –  anywhere and anytime. And certainly, your fiance will be happy at this moment, not paying attention to surroundings. However you must admit, it is much nicer to remember this important day for both of you over the years, looking at the beautiful pictures that will capture many wonderful nuances! Therefore, if you want a photographer to capture your emotions and moods at this unforgettable moment, read 7 tips for planning a surprise proposal in Venice.

  1. Venice is a very popular tourist destination, in spite of this, there are many scenic quiet places away from the tourist routes, which can be found just a few minutes from the most popular areas. An experienced photographer always tells you about these convenient and beautiful locations.
  2. To save a moment of surprise, the photographer will be waiting at the appointed place and time as a tourist. Considering that a lot of people walk with a camera in their hands in Venice, your bride will not suspect anything.
  3. Try to stay completely in the sun or in the shadow to avoid shadow borders on your face and body.
  4. Make sure you do not hold unnecessary items in your hands that will not be relevant to photos, such as plastic bags, backpacks, phones, water bottles and more.
  5. Do not hurry. Enjoy the process. Take a nice position – believe me, no girl in the world will not remain indifferent if you kneeled in front of her.
  6. If you want to propose in a gondola, you should consider the following circumstances. Gondolas have looped routes across small channels including a small piece of the Grand Canal. As a rule, there are not a lot of places where we can take pictures from the shore. Besides, a standard gondola ride doesn’t allow to make a stop for a long time anywhere, blocking traffic. So the possible option of a proposal shoot in a gondola when a photographer accompanies you.
  7. As the proposal is done a photographer will meet with your bride and you will take a casual walk with a photo session through Venice. I recommend also to read my article How to prepare for a photo shoot in Venice, in which I give general tips concerning the choice of clothes and creating your image.

As you can see, everything is easy and simple to preserve your memories for a lifetime! ;)

Both my fiancé and I were more than happy with the video and photos! I decided to engage Eva as our photographer because I find that her pictures are able to bring out the character/depth of the location in the background as well as brings out your natural feelings when posing for the shot using camera angles. If you look at her pictures, you will find that in the picture, the camera angle with your pose tell a personal story rather than the usual/common camera angles in Postcards that many photographers use which feels very commercial. Eva definitely has good photography skills and have helped us captured beautiful memories that we will always look back in our lives. Thank you Eva!

Lionel and Misou, Singapore

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