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Randy and Elona

By June 21, 2017January 22nd, 2019No Comments
Venice engagement photographer

Wonderful experience with Eva! The locations, the communication and directive she gave us, her ideas, all brought out the very best of our photoshoot. I for one am NOT photogenic, so when the files came in, I was totally amazed and super happy to see that she had guided us into so many beautiful photographs.

And posing for a picture is not as simple as one would think. Managing the sunlight, the angles, timing of the tourists walking through or by, sometimes pushing the envelope on behalf of her client to make sure they get their shot - so much goes into setting the stage for these great shots - her skill goes far beyond the camera and production. I have to say that's the part of hiring a fantastic photographer we never really think about. But it's a must to find that right person.

So, I must boast, that was two flawless decisions I made to begin my life with Elona. First proposing to her in Venice. And second, hiring Eva to secure our romantic Venice engagement through her beautiful photography. Thanks Eva!

Randy and Elona, USA, Michigan

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