Venice photographer

Eva Vasilyeva,
Expert Photographer in Venice

Capturing Moments Since 2012!
As an expert photographer in Venice since 2012, I specialize in enchanting couple photoshoots. My clientele includes art photography lovers, Hollywood actors, celebrities, and top event agencies seeking premier photography services in Venice.

Exceptional Quality for Stunning Prints!
Armed with the latest photographic technology and boasting high image resolution, my work delivers a level of quality that allows clients to create their own large-format museum-quality prints, including impressive sizes like 33×22 inches.

My Mission: Capturing Real Emotions and Matters of the Heart!
I’m not just behind the lens; I’m on a mission to capture the genuine emotions and essence of the heart. With a unique approach, I make people laugh, feel relaxed, and have fun during our photo walks in one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.

Limited Spots Available – Book in Advance!
Let’s turn your moments into timeless art! Text me to check availability and inquire about pricing with your premier photographer in Venice.
Mob / WhatsApp +386 64 146 155

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