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Full example of two hours shoot in Venice – 70 stunning photos: Evenet and Rafael

Engagement shoot in Venice
Hi, guys!
If you visit my website it means you are looking for a photographer in Venice. 😉
Great! I believe you have already looked through some portfolios and of course, you are very inspired. Venice is a really beautiful city and everyone can take a few great pics and show it in a portfolio. However, I believe if you buy a PACKAGE you should get not a few cool pics but ALL. Continue Reading

Amna and Isaa

photographer in venice for a couple from United Arab Emirates

من احلى جلسات التصوير في فينيس Thank you Eva for the amazing photos!

Amna and Isaa, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

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Sabina and Nurzhan

lovestory in venice, фотограф в венеции

Ева, мы с Нуржаном хотим поблагодарить вас за профессионализм, чудесное настроение, незабываемые впечатления и конечно оперативность!!! Вы очень легкий, открытый, дружелюбный человек, желаем вам хороших клиентов и успехов! Спасибо за прекрасные фотографии! Мы несколько дней рассматриваем их, делимся с родными и близкими-все просто в восторге!!!! Хочется пересматривать снова и снова:)))и даже не знаю какие именно выбрать для фоторамок, потому что каждая-шедевр и всё благодаря вам! Спасибо!

Sabina and Nurzhan, Kazakhstan, Astana

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Aron and Szandra

Hi Eva
We have seen through every photo. We are totally amazed, they are so so beautiful. We have not even thought that they would be so beautiful. The colours, the good quality and quantity of the photoshop, and every little detail. They are perfect. 🙂 Also the slideshow... it is so so romantic. 🙂
Thank you for the life-experience 🙂

Aron and Szandra, Hungary, Budapest

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Mike and Heidi

During our trip to Europe, my wife and I talked several times about our favorite experiences there, and our photo shoot with Eva was always mentioned as a top highlight. Eva's photography is wonderfully talented, and she is also personable and professional and was fun to get to know. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting memorable photos of their experience in Venice. We will enjoy ours for many years!

Mike and Heidi, USA, Salt Lake City

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Jordan and Thomas

wedding photographer in venice Buer hotel bauer palazzo

All the photos were absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much!

Jordan and Thomas, USA, California

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Valerie and Jakie

photographer in venice

We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary in Venice. Eva made it extra special by documenting our experience through photographs. She's very talented and knows how to capture the essence of the beautiful city. Thank you!

Valerie and Jakie, Texas, USA

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